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Dad's Vending - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who chooses the products that are placed into the machines? We will fill them with items that have been proven to be popular in the past. Because we have been in the business a long time, we have many accounts with similar demographics to yours. If you see an item that is not listed on the menu, just ask and we will special order it.
2. Is there a cost for my company associated with vending equipment and service? Dad’s Vending provides the machines and service to the machines free of charge.
3. How often do you fill up the machines? We will come by as often as is needed. Your re-stocking schedule will depend greatly on the size and volume of your business. Most accounts will be re-stocked at least once a week.
4. Can we earn revenue from vending machine sales? Yes, many of our clients receive a percentage of their sales back in the form of revenue share. Ask us how this works.
5. What happens if someone loses money in the machines? Simply call us when you experience issues with a machine. We will come and fix the problem promptly, and issue you a refund. Our route driver will issue refunds upon next delivery schedule.
6. How quickly can you show up to perform a repair? Same day, usually within a few hours. It’s important that our clients’ vending machines are stocked and functioning properly.
7. Can we request specific products? Just call us to request a specific product.
8. Is there a contract? Yes. Contracts are handled on an account-by-account basis.
9. How long does it take for delivery/installation and what is involved in the process? We can move your machine within two weeks; in most cases, much sooner than that provided the other vendor has moved its machines out to make way for ours. Once we agree on an installation date, it will take no more than four hours to get the machines set up and working.
10. What are your service days and hours? We provide service every day of the week, with 24-7 service available in the event of an emergency.

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